Madonna and Child neutral copy

This is the finished drawing shown in the previous post. As mentioned, it is of an exquisitely beautiful 1929 sculpture by Alceo Dossena, who intended it to appear as though from the Renaissance Period. He was a master of his craft; hope you think my pencil scratching does due respect to his work.


2 thoughts on “finito

  1. Hi Jerome: I knew your dad from many years ago. I had moved away to Santa Monica for many years and returned recently to the area on family business. I was looking through some stored things and found a book your dad co-wrote and it got me wondering about him. Sadly, I found his obituary. I also noticed there is an art installation of his works in Northville until the end of the month. I am so glad that I didn’t miss this event but it was close. I just wanted to write and say that learning of his death hurts me greatly and now, I will forever miss him. He was a man of such great talent, taste, grace and elegance and I’m lucky to have known him. May he rest peacefully ❤

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