Madonna and Child neutral copy

This is the finished drawing shown in the previous post. As mentioned, it is of an exquisitely beautiful 1929 sculpture by Alceo Dossena, who intended it to appear as though from the Renaissance Period. He was a master of his craft; hope you think my pencil scratching does due respect to his work.


What an honor!

The good people at the Detroit Institute of Art posted this photo on their Facebook page Monday, the 4th. I’m drawing one of the most beautiful pieces in the museum’s collection, “Madonna and Child” by Alceo Dossena.


Here’s the link:

(They surprised me – it must have been a slow news day.)

There’s a fascinating story behind the sculpture. Although it looks like a Renaissance masterpiece complete with chips and stains, it was actually done in 1929. The sculptor, Alceo Dossena of Italy, specialized in this type of work. Unbeknownst to Dossena, his dealer sold some of his pieces as authentic Renaissance antiquities. Dossena sued. The resulting publicity brought Dossena to the attention of a patron in Detroit. He was then commissioned to create this image of sublime tenderness between Mother and Child specifically for the DIA.




Late Summer Afternoon

late summer afternoon copy

Quite some years ago I had the opportunity to take a landscape pastel painting class with an esteemed local artist, the late August Gloss. He had a large studio next to the Starkweather Gallery in Romeo and offered instruction to many aspiring pastel painters over the years, several of whom went on to successful careers of their own. This one turned out the most satisfying of my pictures done under August’s tutelage.

Homage to My Father

homage to my father copy

Took a painting class last Spring at our community college. One of the assignments was to paint a still life with a cup, an article of clothing, a feather, a piece of fruit and a flat background. I chose a watercolor painting of my Dad’s as the background. I think he would have liked this oil painting -hope you do, too.

A Watercolor

A Watercolor

Old St. Martin’s Church in Venice, Italy
This watercolor is a copy from an ad in “American Art Review” magazine. I don’t remember who did the original oil painting in the 19th century, but when I locate the information I will post it. My copy is about 10 x 12 and took approximately 40 enjoyable hours to complete.

Suit of Armor

Suit of Armor

A suit of armor from Westphalia, Germany, c. 1450. This was indicated at the Detroit Institute of Art as being made before mere jousting or decorative use armor. Perhaps then it was intended to be worn into battle. Imagine going up against anyone while wearing those shoes.